JEE Mains Best Books - Topper's Recommendations [PDF]

If you are trying to get into the IITs, then JEE (Mains) is the very first exam (other than your board exams) that you will have to appear in.

Not just the first, but the most important one to get into the IITs too.

When it comes about exams, you will have to prepare and study accordingly. And, when we talk about studying for the IITJEE, you will need to go through books -- a lot of outstanding books.

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Here, in this blog post, I will be providing you the list of best books to prepare for the JEE (Mains) which will help you master the concepts and crack the JEE in order to get into the IITs.

Best Books for JEE (Mains) Preparation

All these books that I mention here are used by lacs of students every year and are recommended by the Toppers of the exam.

#1 - JEE Mains Books for Physics

Below is the list of books that are recommended for the JEE Mains Physics preparations.

1. Concepts of Physics - Part 1 & 2 (H. C. Verma)

Author: H. C. Verma

2. Understanding JEE Physics Series (D. C. Pandey)

Author: DC Pandey

3. Problems in General Physics (I. E. Irodov)

Author: IE Irodov

#2 - JEE Main Books for Chemistry

Below is the list of books that are recommended for the JEE Mains Chemistry preparations.

1. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations (R. C. Mukherjee)

Author: RC Mukherjee

2. Physical Chemistry (N. Awasthi)

Author: N Awasthi

3. Arihant's Practice Book Chemistry for JEE Main And Advanced (R.K Gupta)

Author: RK Gupta

4. Organic Chemistry (Morrison and Boyd)

Author: Morrison & Boyd

5. NCERT Books for Theory

#3 - JEE Main Books for Mathematics

Below is the list of books that are recommended for the JEE Mains Mathematics preparations.

1. Higher Algebra (Hall and Knight)

Author: Hall & Knight

2. Coordinate Geometry (S.L. Loney)

Author: SL Loney

3. Trigonometry (S. L. Loney)

Author: SL Loney

4. IIT Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced (M. L. Khanna)

Author: ML Khanna

5. Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics (A. Das Gupta)

Author: A Das Gupta

Final Words

So, these were the list of best JEE Mains books recommended by Toppers which you can study to crack one of the toughest exams of India - JEE (Mains).

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